Cubic Zirconia

The Beautiful Man Made Gemstone

This captivating gemstone is popular for its affordability but more notably for its fiery appearance and versatility. This dazzling material simulates a diamond with remarkable likeness.

Although many of us simply love them because they are sparkly and fun, they have an interesting history that makes for great reading. Here are a few fascinating facts:

The Difference Between A Cubic Zirconia And A White Zircon

The primary difference between these two beautiful gems is that white zircon is a naturally mined gem stone and Cubic Zirconia is a synthetically manufactured gemstone. Zircon possesses light refraction that can surpass a diamond while CZ has more fire, or flashes of color. Other differences include:

• CZ is a mineral synthesized as diamond simulant

• Zircon and Diamonds are naturally mined gems

• CZ’s are economical; Zircons more expensive

• Zircons can have a yellow of brown tint while CZ gemstones are colorless

• A zirconia is virtually flawless compared to Zircons which have inclusions or other flaws